Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- no spoilers

I got the new Harry Potter in the mail on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. I was not overly fond of The Order of the Phoenix, so I was a little leery, wondering if I would like this new one. I'm torn between it and The Goblet of Fire. In The Order of The Phoenix, it often seemed as if I was reading and reading but nothing happened + there seemed to be no point to the book. That wasn't true with The Half-Blood Prince, and although I had guessed some things, the identity of the half-blood prince was a surprise to me until it was revealed and then it made perfect sense. If you like Harry Potter, you'll probably like this new book. Check out the comic strip Clear Blue Water to see how I was on Sunday. :)


Dixie said...

I finished it today and I want to go back and reread them all again.

I hope part 7 is going to be about 1500 pages.

Katya said...

I hope so too. And I'm still in denial.