Friday, July 22, 2005

Rocking instead of the blues -- what I'm listening to

The White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan. I didn't like Elephant and the reviews for this cd have not been as positive as the ones for Elephant. But I find I'm really liking this cd. It's the fourth time I've listened to it tonight. Blue Orchid, Little Ghost (with its bluegrass feel) and I'm Lonely (But I Ain't that Lonely Yet) are particular favorites. I may have to give Elephant another listen.

Sleater-Kinney: The Woods. I haven't been listening to this one as much -- no time what with listening to Get Behind Me Satan four times tonight. It's the guitar work on The Woods that impresses me -- especially on Let's Call it Love (although it is over long) and Night Light. It's also nice to hear women rocking out occasionally. I also like cover art, and this cover nicely evokes Little Red Riding Hood for me.

Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head. This cd has been in my recommendations since it came out, but since I don't listen to the radio (they talk too much,) I'd never heard Coldplay. I decided not to start with X & Y since I'd heard better things about A Rush of Blood to the Head. Again, not much time to listen to it since I'm listening to the White Stripes, but I have listened to it twice and I like it as well. Green Eyes, A Whisper and A Rush of Blood to the Head stand out as some of the best cuts on the cd.

Garbage: Bleed Like Me. I think I've mentioned this cd before. I've liked Garbage since the cd with I'm Only Happy When It Rains on it and they just keep getting better. Bleed Like Me contains some of the best songs both lyrically and musically that they've ever done, but even if it didn't, this cd would be worth the price for the edgy title track -- never heard a song about cutting before. Sex is Not the Enemy, Bad Boyfriend and Happy Home are also standout tracks on Garbage's latest.


Gina said...

I am a *huge* fan of Elephant, but I'm not feeling the love for Get Behind thee Satan. I like Little Ghost a lot, and find myself humming that all the time, but the others haven't taken hold of me the way some of the songs from Elephant did.

I've been listening to American Idiot over and over again these days. Yes, I'm late to the table, but it's good stuff. And *I'm* an Extraordinary Girl. :-)

Katya said...

Gina: I really need to give Elephant another listen. I got American Idiot for Christmas -- I hadn't paid much attention to Green Day either but I LOVE American Idiot.