Friday, August 19, 2005

New Book

When I get involved in a long book like The Historian, I have trouble reading a new book. I've been in that world for so long that it almost seems real to me; it feels like leaving my own life to read another book. The only cure for this, I've found, is to read a book that's a quick read -- usually something funny, but not necessarily so. Robert Parker's Spenser books usually do it for me but I think I've read them all. Any suggestions?


BabelBabe said...

Gina's into Susan Isaacs att he moent, and she usually fits that bill. Or something by Elinor Lipman.

Dr. Charles said...

i sometimes have two books going at once, one a light read and the other more dense. i'd like to suggest my own book that will be out in a week or two (selfpublished :), but that would be really arrogant, so i'll recommend 'kite runner' if you haven' already read it.

Katya said...

Never read Susan Issacs or Elinor Lipman, I'll go by the library and check them out.

The Kite Runner was wonderful. What's your own book about?