Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Music

Obviously not much new music -- this is from before Katrina.

The New Pornographers: Twin Cinema. This is my first New Pornographers cd and I'm liking it. I downloaded a song from amazon just to hear what they sounded like; I liked it enough to buy this -- their latest. I like it's upbeat sound. So far my favorite cuts are Twin Cinema, Three or Four and Streets of Fire.

Rodney Crowell: The Outsider. Crowell has always been known as a songwriter instead of a singer but I like his singing too. This cd, along with The Houston Kid, is an example of why I like him. Beautiful Despair and his rendition of Bob Dylan's Shelter from the Storm, backed by Emmylou Harris, are the standout cuts.

And in the purchasing more White Stripes vein: De Stijl. This has a different sound from other White Stripes' cds. Not much obvious bluegrass, blues or roots music going on here, but you can still hear the influences. It's very good and is the cd with You're Pretty Good Looking For a Girl. I like Hello Operator and Truth Doesn't Make a Noise.


Poppymom said...

I'm a big fan of New Pornographers, and I highly recommend their other two CDs. I haven't gotten the new one yet.

Neko Case, the female vocalist for the group, has done some really good rootsy stuff that you would probably like. Check out "Furnace Room Lullabies" and "The Virginian".

I absolutely love "De Stijl", especially the combo of "Let's Build a Home" and "Jumble Jumble". Oddly, I think it has the strongest blues influence of all their albums, what with "Death Letter" (which is incredible live) and "Your Southern Can is Mine".

Katya said...

I have yet to be disappointed by any White Stripes cd I've bought and I think De Stijl is probably their best of the 4 I have. I'll check out both more New Pornographers and Neko Case.