Thursday, September 15, 2005

What I'm listening to -- new music

Death Cab for Cutie: Plans : I love this cd. Death Cab is a group that is always recommended to me but I've never listened to them until now. Plans is an excellent cd, although I understand it's a bit different from previous cds in its lush production. I can't get I Will Follow You Into the Dark out of my head.

Cream: Disraeli Gears: This has always been one of my favorite Cream albums with Sunshine of Your Love and Tales of Brave Ulysses on it. This is the remastered disc and I'm enjoying the cd as much as I did the album when I was first introduced to it in the 70s.

Ben Folds: Songs for Silverman: I've waited a long time to get this even though I really wanted it. However, Death Cab for Cutie's Plans is taking up most of my listening time right now. Landed, Jesusland and Gracie are cuts I particularly like. Bastard makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Rita Coolidge: and so is love: It seems as if everyone is doing a standards cd -- not everyone should. Happily Rita Coolidge is not one of those singers who shouldn't do standards. She's in good voice here and does the old songs proud. I particularly like her renditions of Don't Smoke in Bed, Sentimental Journey and Cry Me a River.

And in buying more White Stripes, it's The White Stripes. Although this is not my favorite Stripes' cd, it's still good. In some ways it's indicative of where their music will go on later cds. They have diverse influences and tastes, from Robert Johnson to Bob Dylan, and they cover these artists songs but make them their own as well.

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Poppymom said...

I love "Astro" from the self-titled WS disc; it's referenced in my blog design. Clara Jane digs "Jimmy the Exploder".