Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday shuffle

I'm off today and am just relaxing looking out my back window at my really scary yard. It's beautiful here today and I should be outside instead of sitting here at the computer. Instead, I opted to sleep late and let my husband take our one car and there's nowhere to walk around here. Anyway, the shuffle:
  1. Rock and Roll Girlfriend, etc.: Green Day from American Idiot
  2. Harbor Lights: The Platters from Enchanted: the Best of the Platters
  3. Next to Me: The Subdudes from Behind the Levee
  4. Golden Lady: Stevie Wonder from Innervisions
  5. More Love: The Dixie Chicks from Home
  6. One Bud Wiser: Gretchen Wilson from All Jacked Up
  7. Peace Train: Cat Stevens from Teaser and the Firecat
  8. Boys Wanna Fight: Garbage from Bleed Like Me
  9. Secret of the Sea: Billy Bragg and Wilco from Mermaid Avenue v. 2
  10. Say You Love Me: Rodney Crowell from The Outsider


Dixie said...

I want to eat up that shuffle. It's perfect.

Katya said...

It was pretty good wasn't it. Green Day and the Platters both on the same shuffle!

BabelBabe said...

God, how I love Cat Stevens.

Katya said...

Oh thank God! It's not just me -- after all these years, I still love Cat Stevens.