Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Music for me anyway

These first two cds were recommended to me by Poppy and she was right -- they're great -- thanks Poppy.

Mermaid Avenue: Billy Bragg and Wilco: This is the one that I've had playing over and over on my iPod. I've always loved Woody Guthrie and to hear previously unrecorded songs of his that are just done so well is an absolute joy. Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key is the song that's sticking in my mind from this one, although, frankly, the cd is, as Dave Kantwell's review on Amazon calls it, "nearly flawless."

Mermaid Avenue Vol. II: Billy Bragg and Wilco: Again more Woody Guthrie; again greatness. Stetson Kennedy (I have a fondness for the song because of my admiration for the man as well as for the fact that it's a good song -- see ), Blood of the Lamb, and All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose (what a great title!) are standouts for me on this volume.

Keep Movin' On: Sam Cooke: A purchase inspired by, of all things, an American Idol performance. I sometimes forget about performers and songs I love. Gedeon performed Sam Cooke's wonderful A Change Is Gonna Come and I remembered that I loved that song and had to have it. Also covered is The Riddle Song -- you know "I gave my love a cherry without a stone . . ." performed here with such emotion it almost makes you cry.


Poppymom said...

Glad you're likely the Mermaid Aves. They're two of my most-listened-to CDs. I tend toward the more raucous tunes, though, like Walt Whitman's Neice. Also love Secret of the Sea, My Flying Saucer and Hoodoo Voodoo, which is one of Clara Jane's. She told me the other day that it "sounds like a merry-go-round".

Gedeon has also inspired me to revisit some classic R&B. I've got the big Stax box set checked out from the library, and I'm slowly working my way through it. Gedeon needs to loosen up a little, but otherwise, that boy has his hometown coursing through his veins in a way that gives me chills.

Katya said...

I could see why Clara Jane would say Hoodoo Voodoo sounds like a merry-go-round. I'm so glad I bought these cds -- I'm loving them.

Gedeon does need to loosen up -- that smile of his kills me. Reminding me of Sam Cooke like that though -- that was something else.

Lazy cow said...

I know, three comments in a row. But, I had to say I adore Mermaid Avenue - apart from the Best of Doris Day (blame my 3 yo son) - it is our favourite CD.