Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Shuffle -- a day late

  1. Lover Man (Where Can He Be): Billie Holiday from The Original Decca Masters
  2. Wayfaring Stranger: Emmylou Harris from Heartaches and Highways (This is one of my favorite songs ever no matter who does it.)
  3. Sing Me Spanish Techno: The New Pornographers from Twin Cinema
  4. Belle: Jack Johnson from In Between Dreams
  5. Way Over Yonder: Carole King from Tapestry (Everyone should have this album)
  6. Anyway: Eliot Morris from Parker's Back
  7. Johnny Met June: Shelby Lynne from Suit Yourself
  8. Do You Like the Way: Santana with Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo from Supernatural
  9. Where Did It Go Wrong?: Anthony Hamilton from Ain't Nobody Worryin'
  10. Having a Party: Sam Cooke from The Man and His Music

I have this weekend to myself so I'm going to watch movies I like, read a lot, and listen to music. The weekend will probably go by a lot faster than I want it to and I won't have time to read and watch everything I want to, but it's nice to have some time alone like this.


BabelBabe said...

can i come to your house this weekend? I promise to be VERY quiet, and I'll even buy some beer...sounds blissful...enjoy!

Katya said...

It was totally blissful -- I loved it! Peace and quiet -- I read mostly and didn't turn the tv on until I wanted to watch a movie.