Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Concert and the Friday Shuffle

The Actual Concert

Keb' Mo' and Bonnie Raitt were both great. Keb' Mo' did a lot of music I didn't recognize but he's got a totally new cd, Suitcase, which I don't have and haven't heard anything from. I was glad that he did Shave Yo' Legs from Keep it Simple as it's one of my favorite songs. Bonnie Raitt came out and did Keb' Mo's encore with him; I loved that; they play well together. Bonnie Raitt's portion of the concert was wonderful too -- she is simply amazing and relates well to her audiences. I knew most of the music she did because I have her cd from last year, Souls Alike plus I also have her newest, Bonnie Raitt and Friends, and she also did older music as well. Someone asked her to sing Angel from Montgomery and she said, "I can't believe you even needed to ask that! Don't you think it would be a crime if I came to Alabama and didn't do that song?" I was afraid she wasn't going to at first in spite of what she said, but it was one of her encore songs. She did it as a duet with Keb' Mo' and it was lovely.

The Audience

I've found I have to separate the music from the audience. This audience wasn't as bad as the one for Robert Cray but they still weren't tons of fun. We were sitting in a row of seats that had a railing in front of it, so instead of going past people to get out, the people on either side of us kept climbing over the railing. One guy tried to climb back into his seat over that railing and he spilled his beer. A guy a few rows in front of me kept standing up, raising up his hands, and yelling, "Take me, Bonnie!" I wanted to say, "Yeah, like she'd really want your drunk, stupid ass -- sit down." My doctor was at this concert and he left because the people behind him were so loud, drunk and obnoxious. At least I didn't have that. I'm thinking of complaining to the theater management about the audiences -- they didn't used to be this bad until this venue started selling alcohol during concerts. Now they are awful.

Friday Shuffle -- a day late
  1. Mustang Sally: Buddy Guy from Damn Right, I've Got the Blues
  2. I Got Love if You Want It: Slim Harpo from the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood soundtrack
  3. Little People: The White Stripes from The White Stripes -- been awhile since I've had the White Stripes show up on a shuffle
  4. Good Vibrations: Brian Wilson from Smile
  5. Violin Concerto in B Flat: Vivaldi
  6. Maggie's Dream: Don Williams from Anthology
  7. 10 Rocks: Shelby Lynne from Identity Crisis -- Shelby Lynne won a Grammy for I Am Shelby Lynne but this is the album that made me love her with its mix of gospel, blues and rock
  8. High Speed Train: REM from Around the Sun
  9. Take the Glory: Badly Drawn Boy from One Plus One is One
  10. Come On Home: Indigo Girls from All That We Let In


Robin said...

For a long time, St. Louis didn't get much in the way of good shows. So when we went to concerts, people flat-out didn't know how to act right. I've noticed that, since we've gotten some new venues in the past six years and good shows are becoming commonplace, the crowds are acting better.

The people who scream requests - both for songs and sexual favors - at the artist baffle me. Bonnie Raitt is neither a jukebox nor a prostitute, so shut the hell up, Dude.

sari said...

This is why I stay home and listen to my records, ha ha!!

Your shuffle's good - I really like White Strips, Brian Wilson, Shelby and REM myself!!

Smile is a great cd.

Katya said...

Robin: My husband, ever the optimist, claims that's what's wrong with Mobile -- we just aren't used to getting any acts so the audience doesn't know how to behave. I hope they learn soon. I love the jukebox or prostitute line -- that's true -- I don't know why people think that -- I went to a Bob Dylan concert in SC once and people complained because the songs didn't sound exactly like they sounded on the album.

Sari: I can't say I blame you -- at least with the audiences here.