Friday, March 30, 2007

Banned Books and a Shuffle

Even though it's more than a month into it, when I saw the Banned Books Challenge at A Patchwork of Book's blog, I signed up to participate in it at Fahrenheit 451. You set a goal for yourself to read as many banned or challenged books as you want between February 26 (Freedom to Read Week) and June 30, 2007. The site has lists of books that were either banned or challenged if you need suggestions. The American Library Association also has a list of the most frequently banned or challenged books. The problem is I've already read most of the things on the banned or challenged lists -- at least the ones I'm interested in. Maybe I will use this challenge to read The Satanic Verses, a book where I've never gotten past the first two pages.

Friday Shuffle
  1. Burn Down This Town: Roseanne Cash from Black Cadillac
  2. Heaven on Earth: The Platters from Enchanted: The Best of the Platters
  3. The Wind: Amos Lee: Supply and Demand
  4. The Big Guns: Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins from Rabbit Fur Coat
  5. Waltz (Better Than Fine): Fionna Apple from Extraordinary Machine
  6. ELT: Wilco from Summerteeth
  7. Johnny Sunshine: Liz Phair from Exile in Guyville
  8. There's a Higher Power: Buddy Miller from Universal United House of Prayer
  9. Hello Operator: The White Stripes from De Stijl
  10. Awake: Eliot Morris from Parker's Back


fahrenheit451moderator said...

I'm glad you are taking part in the "Banned Book Challenge." You can find more lists of challenged books on our links.

I just wanted to clarify that the Pelham Public Library lists for 2006, 7 have not been challenged in our library. They are books that are in our collection that have been challenged or banned somewhere at some time. There have not been any challenges in a public library in Canada for quite some time and no one at the Pelham Library can remember the last time someone asked that a book be removed.

Katya said...

Okay -- I will change my posting so it doesn't read like there have been challenges -- I'm sorry.

BabelBabe said...

SV is one of my favorite books ever.
I will say that the first time I read it, I read it in a class, so had a lot of help with it. it's not an easy book - there's so much history and imagery and wordplay - I wouldn't love it so much if I hadn't had a very smart prof helping me through it the first time.

Katya said...

I had remembered that you loved SV a lot and thought I'd try it again because of it does fit in with the banned books theme and if I'm in the right mood, I might like it.