Thursday, March 01, 2007

Taylor Hicks and the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra

Taylor Hicks was here a few days ago and since he was always my pick to win American Idol (yes, I like AI -- shut up) and a friend had tickets, I went. Our seats were very close so I could actually see him. Hicks was fantastic -- he really looked like he was having fun. He sang my favorite Susan Tedeschi tune -- Gonna Move (her version tops his by a mile but his was still good) -- and he ended with my very favorite Shelby Lynne song, Where I'm From (Shelby Lynne is from Alabama and the song is about here) plus the Doobie Brothers -- he was great, especially on the Shelby Lynne song. It's as if these lyrics meant something special to him:

all I'm trying to say is I'm
never far away from an
Alabama frame of mind

And he really captured the soulfulness of that song -- something he just missed with Tedeschi's Gonna Move.

It's the audiences that make concerts difficult for me. I still maintain that if I'm going to a concert, I should have to approve every single person who wants to go to the same concert. I think if I pay for seats I should be able to remain seated and still see the show. Everyone where we were stood up through the whole thing. Why? I don't get that. If this were at the Fairgrounds, sure -- that's what you expect -- it's even part of the fun. Then there was this freaky shrieking banshee (I know that's redundant but she really shrieked a lot and she was loud) behind me. During the opening band's show (they were The Greyhounds -- they were good) she kept shrieking, "Taylor! Taylor!" Then she was apparently under the delusion that:
  1. I paid to hear her sing not Taylor and
  2. I cared what she thought. She kept singing every freaking song really loud -- I was lucky to hear him. When he sang Shelby Lynne's Where I'm From, she shrieked, "I LOVE that song!" Well, so do I -- the difference between the two of us is that I didn't feel the need to let the entire audience know about it. I told the person I was with that if she saw my hand sneak back there to punch anyone she needed to stop me.
I felt sorry for the poor usher who had to keep coming down the aisle and making those idiots get at least in the row they were supposed to be in instead of in the aisles - she had to make several people leave and go to their seats in the back.

After the show, we went over to a local bar where Taylor Hick's former band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, was playing. We went because my friend loves Taylor Hicks and she heard that he often sits in with this band. Well, he didn't show but I was happy because LMBO was very good and I'd been introduced to a new band whose music I enjoyed. I came away with one of their cds. Here everyone was standing and dancing but it's that kind of venue so I expected that and was fine with it.


cath said...

I appreciate your position on wanting to see the show, but it's mighty hard to keep still when he is "doin' his thang".

Tough choice for me !!!

Kristina said...

Glad to hear you had fun!

And I totally understand about the crowd thing. I've been to so many shows where people have ruined it or I let them ruin it for me (i.e. I was stewing so much that I lost all pleasure from the show). At my last U2 concert, I almost got into a fist fight with a drunk girl who stood in front of us after the first half hour. She was lucky that my brother was standing between us, though he was ready to deck her, too. I finally got her to leave. Anyway, my last concert experience, Morrissey in Manchester, was wonderful. You never know...

Katya said...

cath: I do understand that; he is tough to sit still to. Maybe they need to set aside an area where people who want to dance can do that. I still think there's no excuse for the banshee though.

Kristina: I started to stew and then decided not to but I did want to hit Ms. Banshee.

Anonymous said...

It's not a Susan Tedeschi tne it
is a Paul Pena tune.
From his New Train CD.
Paul Pena passed away in 2005.

Sunny said...

I hate shrieking banshees too. Man, it's like they think the concert is all about their self-centered @ssess without any consideration for anyone else.

I got into a brawl one night at a Frank Zappa (yes, I'm ancient) concert. I adored Frank and the very ground he walked on, anywhay, this chick kept jumping up in front of me screaming for no real reason except she was apparently stupid. I asked her twice to stop, third I decked her. Thankfully the ushers took her out, gave me a wave.

Nice you enjoyed Hicks. I must say I was disappointed somewhat with his CD, but do like a few tunes from it. I think he'd be tons of fun live. Regarding LMBO, they are something else, Hicks may wish he'd never left them.

I promise I'd never banshee out. ;)

Sunny said...

meant anyway not anywhay, stupid keyboard.

nutmeg said...

Goodness - we seem to like similar music and books! I was reading over your past posts and saw you had recently finished Empire Falls. I was quietly mesemerised by this novel - and then was kicked in the guts by its ending. I finished it with mixed feelings. I recently bought the DVD of the mini series. Have you seen it?

As to nthe concert thing - I think that's one of the reasons I am going to fewer of them. My particular dislikes are "throat clearers" and "sniffers". Which are more of an issue during a play I suppose. I want the atmosphere of a concert - not the jerks ;-)

Katya said...

anonymous: Thanks -- I always like being introduced to artists I'm not familiar with. I first heard that song on a Susan Tedeschi album, so I just associated it with her.

sunny: I guess I'd let you attend then since you wouldn't banshee out. :)

Nutmeg: I noticed we had similar tastes in books -- babelbabe mentioned your Holocaust interest -- I read a lot of those books as well. I did see Empire Falls -- that's actually why I read the book -- I'd liked the miniseries. There was something about the book's ending that bugged me though.

sari said...

I'm a Shelby fan as well. I'm glad Taylor put on a good show!