Monday, May 14, 2007

Music News

This area has had a lot of good people come here in the last few years; sadly Wilco is not among the groups traveling here -- the closest they will be is Atlanta. However, someone who I've adored for years is going to be in concert in my town:

This is Emmylou Harris. She's practically a country music icon. I don't think of her as only country, however. She's sung with the likes of Warren Zevon and Mark Knopfler as well as Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Rodney Crowell. The purity of her voice gets to the emotion of a song every time. She'll be here September 28 and I cannot wait even if I do have to put up with the local audiences in order to see her.


sari said...

What a great concert that will be! Have a great time!

Katya said...

I can't wait.

nutmeg said...

I too love Emmylou. I also have a "thing" for her hair!

Now, I've looked about your blog and can't see an email address. Now, please don't feel pressured/obligated in any way - I know the internet is a crazy place - but if you feel like contacting me (my email is attached to my blog) about the music I mentioned last comment please feel free. I have sent things to Lazy Cow before - she can vouch for me - but again if you would rather not, I completely understand, really :-)

Katya said...

Nutmeg: I thought it would display right on the front page but it doesn't so now I've attached it to my blog.