Friday, June 15, 2007

Washington, D.C. and the Friday Shuffle

Today, 1000 yards! I promise I'll quit that -- I'm just not used to it yet. I'm going to Washington, D.C. for the American Library Association conference at the end of June. I'm pretty excited about this because I've never been to D.C. I know I should've taken my kids there, but I never did. I'm taking an extra day since I'd like to see some things while I'm there. My plans are to see the Vietnam Memorial -- I remember the controversy when it was built, how everyone thought it wasn't a proper memorial. Now it seems that if someone is going to cry at a memorial, it's that one. I'm going to see the Library of Congress as well and the Smithsonian. I know there are other things I should see but I only have one day.

Friday Shuffle
  1. Everybody's Wrong: Buffalo Springfield from Buffalo Springfield
  2. Optimistic: Radiohead from Kid A
  3. 9 Crimes: Damien Rice from 9
  4. Next Exit: Interpol from Antics
  5. Anytime: My Morning Jacket from Z
  6. The Forecast (Calls for Pain): Robert Cray from Midnight Stroll
  7. Muddy Water: Madeleine Peyroux from Dreamland (it's been a long time since she's showed up on a shuffle.)
  8. God Bless the Child: Blood, Sweat and Tears from Greatest Hits
  9. Meadowlake Street: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals from Cold Roses
  10. Fine and Mellow: Billie Holiday from Golden Legends


Kristina said...

So digging that shuffle!

You'll have to tell us all about the ALA conference! I'll have to get to one someday...I've never been to D.C. either. One of our professors was planning a trip to the Library of Congress at the end of this month, but I just don't have the time...

Iamthebookworm said...

You'll love it! Especially the Library of Congress. I don't live too far away from DC, but don't make it up there much. TRAFFIC! I'm not going to make it to the conference, but I may try to go visit the exhibits on Sunday.

Katya said...

I have a friend in Richmond who doesn't make it to DC much either but she's going to be there this year which is great because I haven't seen her in a long time.