Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yes, I know -- it's way too early for Christmas, but Marsha gave me this award:

I have a hard time getting in the spirit of Christmas -- it's worse for me every year and I feel grouchier every year -- so it touches me that Marsha feels I'm kind to her. I hope that I am but with me you never know. In the spirit of this award, I'd like to pass it on to Hilda, Sari (with good wishes for her new baby), and Lazy Cow. Sari and Lazy Cow make me think about mothering, with their posts about their children that are always written with such love and kindness. Hilda makes me think about the world with her passionate writing about how important it is that we pay attention to what's going on in our wider, global community.

To pick up your award go to Santa's Community Blog: The Spirit of Christmas Award

The award is given to bloggers who have the spirit of Christmas, that is to say that they show kindness toward others. If you know of a blogger who has this type of spirit, why not stop on by Santa's blog and pick up this award and pass it on to one of your blogging buddies.


Marsha said...

Yeah! I sometimes have trouble with gathering up the Christmas spirit, which my husband has a hard time understanding. Maybe because I do most of the Christmas work while he has most of the Christmas fun.

Katya said...

I think that's probably it, Marsha -- I really do.

Lazy cow said...

You're a sweetie. Thank you! I'm not very gracious about receiving awards, but I'm pleased that you enjoy reading my blog. Not sure I write about the children with love and kindess. More like exasperated affection :-)

sari said...

Thank you! :-)