Sunday, March 09, 2008


The Show

I've never seen Wilco before and never really thought that they'd come here, but they did. Thanks to Robin, I found out in time to buy really good tickets -- I was three rows back and almost in the center. I've been to so many shows where I couldn't see the band that well but I had no trouble seeing Wilco. Sorry the picture is so small and unclear -- I really should have learned to use my digital camera before the concert, not during. They opened the show with You Are My Face and did almost everything I love except Forget the Flowers. I'd heard that they played 2 and a half hours at the Ryman right before this concert and, of course, they'd been on Saturday Night Live, so I wasn't expecting much from this show, figuring they'd be tired. If they were tired, they didn't show it. They played a straight 2 and a half hour show here too that was energetic and simply amazing. And the show was TIGHT -- I like other artists better than I like Wilco (and please don't get me wrong -- I love Wilco) but I've never seen a better show than the one Wilco put on. I understand why people travel to see them; if they come to Atlanta, I'll go. I don't have the world's best memory, so this is the set list someone posted on Via Chicago from our show -- I think there was more and the list is in no order:

Airline to heaven
California Stars
Box Full of letters
Pick up the change
Passenger side
Outtasite (Outta Mind)
Muzzle of Bees
Handshake Drugs
Wishful thinking
You are my face
Impossible Germany ( absolutely incredible solo by Nels)
Side with the seeds
Hate it Here (this was fun with the audience also singing the "hate it here" part)
What Light
Via Chicago
A Shot in the Arm
War on War
Jesus Etc.
Heavy Metal Drummer
I'm the man who loves you
Pot Kettle Black
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Magazine called Sunset

I'd heard a rumor or read somewhere that once they did Heavy Metal Drummer, they didn't do any more songs. It must not be true; they came out for an encore where they did at least five songs.

The Audience

You know I have to describe the audiences because they are always so awful here -- this was not true of the Wilco show. People listened and responded to the band, but there was no one really obnoxious except the Drunk Rowdy Guy sitting right next to me. He shouted, "Whoooo!!!!" right in my ear -- I finally told him that when he did that, he actually hurt my ears. DRG said, "Well you must have never been to a rock concert and the band must really bother you then." I said, "They are not shrieking right in my ear like you are." I finally decided to ignore him -- he was NOT going to ruin my Wilco experience. His friend got up and changed seats with him so I was no longer next to DRG.

The Shuffle
  1. Howlin' Down the Cumberland: John Hiatt from Master of Disaster
  2. Gone Daddy Gone: Gnarls Barkley from St. Elsewhere
  3. Impossible Germany: Wilco from Sky Blue Sky
  4. I'm the Man Who Loves You: Wilco from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  5. Goodbye to You: Michelle Branch from The Spirit Room
  6. Hate It Here: Wilco from Sky Blue Sky
  7. Since U Been Gone: Kelly Clarkson from Breakaway
  8. Oh, Mary Don't You Weep: Bruce Springsteen from We Shall Overcome
  9. Gravedigger: Dave Matthews from Some Devil
  10. Amy, Amy, Amy: Amy Winehouse from Frank


BabelBabe said...

yeah, they did like two huge encores when they played here. and they played here at a non-drinking venue, so poor Jeff was discombobulated because we were all so sedate.

I wish they'd played California Stars here - it's one of my favs.

Kristina said...

Look at that extra Wilco-lovin' in your shuffle! Glad you had such a great time (and that you finally got to see the guys!). Yay!

Katya said...

bb: I don't think there are any non-drinking venues here -- at least I've never been to one.

kristina: wasn't that great all the extra Wilco in the shuffle? I loved it. And the guys were great -- just great.