Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Meme to Pass the Time at Work

I'm at work today and I am extremely bored. It's pretty outside. Who wants to be in a library on a beautiful Saturday? Hence, the meme, which I got from Hilda:
  1. If you were stuck in traffic, who would you want to be stuck in traffic with? My friend Sabrina -- she'd make funny comments and be entertaining
  2. Would you rather be late to the party, or the first person to arrive? First to arrive
  3. Be honest, have you ever sung into your hairbrush like it was a microphone? Of course -- I can't imagine anyone who hasn't, except maybe my husband.
  4. What is the first thing you do when you come home from work? Take off my bra -- I hate bras.
  5. Can you be found blogging in your pajamas? Yes
  6. Be honest, have you started to save money for Christmas yet? No -- that would be planning ahead -- we can't have that.
  7. Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola? Coca Cola
  8. What concession stand snack(s) must you have at the movies? I don't buy concession stand snacks -- I'm too appalled at their prices.
  9. What do you call your TV's remote control? The flipper
  10. If you could work for any company in the US (without having to relocate if you didn't want to), what company would you want to work for? I'm not sure, but I'd want to work for a library that would let me work from home at least a few days a week. Preferably everyday, so I could go to the beach and do my work.


sari said...

Is the time still passing? You need to post! ;-)

Katya said...

I know -- sorry. :(