Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest was a mixed bag for me. One of my son's friends went with me and that was fine ; he talked me into going to see Pete Seeger, who is now 90 years old. I'll never get a chance like that again and it was a lot of fun. He sings with his grandson Tao Rodríguez-Seeger and I enjoyed listening to them both. And they did "This Land is Your Land" -- love that song.

After that concert was over, we wandered the fairgrounds, looking for food and making our way toward the venue where Wilco would be playing. I know things are typically overpriced at Jazz Fest but $10.00 for some sunscreen? I stupidly hadn't brought any chairs with me and, while standing through the short Seeger concert was fine, I didn't want to do it for the much longer Wilco concert. $95.00 for two chairs!

Made it to the Wilco venue and they were wonderful. My seats at the concert in Mobile were much better, of course, because they weren't on the grass and they weren't general admission. But the relaxed attitude of everyone at Jazz Fest was nice and conducive to a good time. Wilco sang my absolute favorite song, "Forget the Flowers," which they hadn't done at the Mobile concert. Here's the set list for anyone interested:

Handshake Drugs
Company In My Back
You Are My Face
Pot Kettle Black
A Shot in the Arm
Side With The Seeds
Jesus, etc. (another favorite)
Impossible Germany
California Stars
Forget The Flowers
Box Full of Letters (the guy behind me said, "See, even songs from A.M. can rock!"
The Late Greats
Hate It Here
Heavy Metal Drummer
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Hoodoo Voodoo (with shirtless bass/guitar/keyboard tech Josh on cowbell)
Casino Queen
Outtasite (Outta Mind)

What made Jazz Fest such a mixed bag for me had nothing to do with the artists and everything to do with my daughter. She has such an exaggerated sense of how well she can take care of herself. During the final Wilco encore song, she told me was going to head out and she'd be just a little bit ahead of me. I couldn't find her anywhere! I asked to borrow someone's cell phone and she didn't answer her phone. I was pretty hysterical. I finally decided to walk back toward where we were supposed to meet my son's friend, and there she was! I had been so scared that I screamed at her like some crazy person and embarrassed her. So that was Jazz Fest for me -- mostly fun but scared at the end.


BabelBabe said...

what a FABULOUS set list. I would've been in bliss - Impossible Germany, followed by CA Stars...I'm the Man Who Loves You...Casino Queen...Hate it I am GREEN with envy.

Is jazz fest still at the Fairgrounds? Because when we went, Widespread Panic was the "big" band, and it was crowded, but there were no "Gen admission" or "lawn" seats, they were all sorta lawn seats, but all know?

Marshamlow said...

I am glad you had a mostly good time. Kids, sometimes you just want to smack them!

Katya said...

BB: Yes, Jazz Fest is still at the fairgrounds and most of the seats are seats on the grass and people just grab seating as they go. There was an area though under some bleachers where I think people who bought VIP or some such think (I forgot what it was called could sit.) The tickets just said General Admission on the ticket -- that's all.

Marsha: Some times you really do!

Remi said...

I'm the Man Who Loves You...Casino Queen...Hate it I am GREEN with envy.

Katya said...

They didn't do my other favorite: I am trying to break your heart, though.

I really hope they'll come back this way soon because I will see them again.

Sari said...

Sounds like (mostly) fun!