Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Little Reading

Him Her Him Again the End of Him: Patricia Marx: I understand the reviewers who said this book, although quite short, dragged on just a bit too long -- it did. But I still got a laugh out of Eugene and our nameless heroine's inability to quit him, even though it was beyond my capability to understand. Eugene is just so beyond pretentious that he falls into the funny category for me. The parts I had the hardest time with were the whining about Eugene sections -- but then again, so did our narrator's friends. This book was a quick and funny read.

The Prince of Mist: Carlos Ruiz Zafón: I will admit I bought this book for the cover just like I bought one of Zafón's previous books, The Shadow of the Wind, for the title. I didn't know this was a YA book until I got it. I enjoyed the story of three children, Roland, Alicia, and Max, who learn about evil and magic during a summer that Max and Alicia's parents decide to move to a coastal town to escape the growing war in Europe. At first, I didn't understand why this book had to be set during World War II -- the war only enters into the story once when Roland says if the war is not over by the end of the summer he will probably be called up. Then I saw that Zafón meant the war to hover evilly over the lives of the characters in the same way the Prince of Mist does. It's not a necessary setting but it doesn't detract from the story either.

Never Tell a Lie: Hallie Ephron: I enjoyed this novel about the disappearance of one woman at the yard sale of another woman despite the fact that I predicted every single (it's possible I missed a few) plot twist and turn from the moment Melinda steps into the lives of Ivy and David Rose. The novelty of a massively pregnant woman as the heroine of the story was interesting, especially since she wasn't a passive player in her story. She was going to find out the truth behind Melinda's disappearance and the odd behavior of her own husband even if she ended up destroying her life to do it -- she didn't want her "happy" life to be predicated on a lie. This was a quick, enjoyable read and it's only the second piece of long fiction I've enjoyed reading on my Nook.

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