Thursday, June 30, 2005

mental_floss magazine - feel smart again

mental_floss magazine - feel smart again: I love this magazine. The web site doesn't offer much except for the fun quizzes but the magazine itself is interesting. Who couldn't go for a magazine with articles like those in the current issue: 10 Famous Monkeys in Science, 10 Reasons Your History Teacher Hates the Movies, and 10 Countries You Can't Spell? It's Mental Floss' 4th annual 10 issue, and their lists of 10 things are always different than other magazines' lists.


Dixie said...

I wish, wish, wish I could get that magazine here. It's wonderful.

I have to make myself content with the online quizzes.

Do you have their book "Condensed Knowledge"? I love it!

kara said...

i love Mental Floss.