Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I was going to read The Egyptologist -- I've been planning on it for awhile now -- but I got distracted by Time's list of 100 great novels. In Cold Blood was on it and I've started and stopped this book at least six times. I don't feel that I can see Capote without having read this book however, and I've finally gotten past the first chapter. This is the first time ever. The thing is I don't want the family in the book to die and given that In Cold Blood is the story of a famous murder case and I know that it is, they have to die. (Don't ask for rational thought here -- I just keep wanting them to live.) I've seen both movies made from this book but haven't been able to read the book yet; this time I intend to finish it.


Flourish & Blotts said...

Ugh, its hard to get through a book if you can't even get it started. You might try picking up the audio version and listening to it in the car. Then you'll be forced to read at least some of it.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I always enjoy reading your comments. :) -Flourish

BabelBabe said...

gina lent in cold blood to me months ago and i can't get into it either.

Katya said...

The thing is I like the movies. Both of them.