Friday, December 23, 2005

Richard III

Daughter of Time: by Josephine Tey: Richard III. Was he the evil man who infamously imprisoned his two nephews in the Tower of London and later murdered them or is he perhaps a victim of bad press? That's the mystery, Alan Grant, a Scotland Yard detective laid up in the hospital with a broken leg and needing distraction, decides to try to solve using his policeman's perspective instead of the historian's. Grant's focus is on the motive for the murders, as they seem a silly thing for Richard to have done -- something that could not have benefited him. This is an older novel; it was written in 1951. Sometimes I find myself not knowing the meaning of some of the British slang, but I love this novel. I like the way it interweaves history with the present. I found myself being slowly drawn into the mystery of Richard III just as Alan Grant is slowly drawn into it. A warning: if you aren't interested in historical research -- the way it's written and the how -- Daughter of Time is probably not for you. But I like that kind of thing so much I'll end up checking out several books on Richard III just to get more information.


BabelBabe said...

alison weir has a pretty good book about the whole princes in the tower thing. can't remember her bias but it is well-researched.

Katya said...

I'll have to look for it -- I think I heard about Daughter of Time from you and I really liked it.