Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday shuffle

I'm feeling even better today; I got a lot of sleep last night, which I needed. The doctor took out my staples and said I should stay home from work one more week. I had some internal bleeding during the operation that he'd had to take care of, so I had the laproscopic thing and an incision from where he'd had to clear up the bleeding -- it's that incision he's worried about and that he wants me to take care of.
  1. Sweet Home New Orleans: Dr. John from Sippiana Hericane
  2. Wonder Woman: Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint from The River in Reverse
  3. Don't Cha Wanna Ride: Joss Stone: Mind, Body & Soul
  4. My Home Town (LP Version): Alan Price from O Lucky Man! (This is the weirdest movie I've ever seen but I love the soundtrack.)
  5. Keep Mediocrity at Bay: Van Morrison from Magic Time
  6. Wild World: Cat Stevens from The Very Best of Cat Stevens
  7. I'm Afraid: Robert Cray from Shoulda Been Home
  8. More and More: Van Morrison from Pay the Devil
  9. Say: Kem from Kemistry
  10. Trouble Man: Marvin Gaye from Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye


sari said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!!! :-)

Katya said...

Thank you. Me too -- I hate having to stay home and relax though. I don't relax well.