Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Wire, Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars

I go to the doctor tomorrow to find out how I've been doing -- I think I'm fine --much better than before I went to the hospital. I've not been able to concentrate on reading much of anything, however, so I've been watching tv since I've been home. In order of preference, this is what I've been watching:

The Wire: I think The Wire is probably the best least watched show on television. It's complex; just when you think a person is a complete villain, you learn that he has a conscience. The cops and the politicians aren't all good; they do many things just for political gain, including sacrificing children because they've given up on them because of where they live -- West Baltimore. Season 4 premiered in September and is now on it's third episode. Interestingly, season 4 focuses on the public education system in Baltimore. As someone who has children in school and who works in a university, I'm really interested to see where The Wire takes this concept. All the episodes so far are available on On Demand if you get HBO. If not, seasons 1-3 are available on dvd. Season 2 can be skipped; it's not the best work this show has done but if you want to see the sociological climate of a city like Baltimore, include season 2 as well.

Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 premiers October 6. Until then, I have to make do with the dvds for season 1, 2.0 and 2.5. I don't know why they split season 2 like that but they did. I was never a big fan of the older Battlestar Galactica; I barely even remember it. However, I am a fan of SciFi's version of the show. I like that the characters aren't one dimensional. You may think you know what Kara Thrace will do in a given situation but you don't -- not really. The same is true for all the characters. Try it if you haven't seen it but if you don't get the dvds for seasons 1 and 2, check out Battlestar Galatica: The Story So Far which airs before the premiere of season 3.

Veronica Mars: I'm not hating the second season of Veronica Mars, but I'm not loving it either. There are two many plotlines going on. There's the mysterious bus crash, the question of whether Logan Echolls killed a PCH biker on a bridge, the kidnapping of Duncan and and Meg's baby by Duncan and Veronica, Wallace's flight to Chicago and the reason he comes back. It's all just too much. The writing is stellar and sharp, as always, and the actors are good. It just would have been nice if there'd been less plotlines for them to deal with. I've listed four, and I know I've forgotten some. Still I look forward to season 3, which premiers October 3, when Veronica and her friends go off to college.


Rogue Librarian said...

I love Battlestar Galactica. I don’t live in the US at the moment, but I can download it on iTunes which is a great little taste of home. BSG is the smartest Sci Fi show I’ve ever seen. Not only are the characters developed, but the society is developed. They have their own religious and political beliefs that influence their daily life which I find brilliant.

By the way the reason they split the second season DVD’s into two releases is that they originally only had a contract for 12 episodes. Then sci fi channel optioned the full 22 episodes and they suddenly had to come up with another ten installments. This is why a great much of the second half of season two is so very bad. They were set up as stand alone episodes on the fly.

Katya said...

I didn't know that about the second season. I have loved BSG since it's first ep. My brother and my sister-in-law hate it because it's not the old BSG and Apollo and Boomer are women. I don't remember the old one, but if my brother saw it, I'm sure I did -- he's only a year older than me. It didn't make much of an impression. You're right that the new one is the smartest scifi being written. I also love the religious aspect of the show; I thought that was really cool that they wrote that into the show -- and the idea of the Cylons being monotheistic intrigued me.

How is the coup going where you are living? Nothing dangerous is happening is it?