Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No computer

My computer's hard drive crashed the other day. I walked into the room to see the blue screen of death and a message -- "unmountable boot disk_volume" (or something like that.) Now I have to figure out how to get a new computer. I can't really afford it right now but it's hard for me not to have one given that so much of what I do at work is computer-based. It's almost necessary for me to have one at home. I really want that Mac that babelbabe bought recently but everything I have, including my iPod, is pc-based.


kara said...

You can easily go Mac with a PC formatted iPod - I just did it. The only thing is that you have to manually manage your playlists instead of having it synced with your computer (bonus is that you still have the music on your iPod that way - if only there was an easy way to get it off).

I *heart* Macs.

good luck on the new computer hunt. :)

Katya said...

Oh -- I didn't know that -- that makes my little bit of worry about the Mac disappear -- 'cause you know it was all about the music anyway. :)

sari said...

Our desktop computer is a space-taking-up piece of junk just one freeze away from being at the bottom of a nearby ravine.

The day this 8 year old laptop poops out is the day I finally go bonkers and you know I WILL be out there immediately buying myself a new laptop. I would not be able to exist without some kind of internet access.

And, then, I would not have to use my husband's work laptop for my iPod, I can only update my music once a week or so now and that STINKS!

Katya said...

I brought my work laptop home and I've connected it up but I can't have everything I want on this laptop since it's not mine. I really want that Mac but this will have to do until I can get my own computer.

I do worry about the gaming issue on laptops because my husband does like to do that and I'm not positive they can handle -- that's my hesitancy with getting a laptop.

BabelBabe said...

I actually bought a PC - a Dell - because all of our computer resources here are PC based.

Check if you have any sort of employee purchasing program - I got mine thru my university for way cheap (for laptops, that is).

Katya said...

I may end up with a PC just because they are cheaper. Plus everything I have is pc-based. But dang I like that mac.

We do have an emmployee purchasing program -- I haven't checked into pcs yet but the employee program was the reason the price I got for the mac was ONLY $1700.

BabelBabe said...

[whispering] I got my Dell laptop for 600. 6 months same as cash.

Katya said...

$600? I can never get away with that for a computer! It's my dorky husband and all his games who does us in every time.