Friday, October 13, 2006

Relaxing plus the Friday Shuffle

I worked last Sunday, which was really boring because the people who come into the library then are usually high school students doing the exact same assignment so I spend my time showing them all the exact same resources. Anyway, because I worked last Sunday, I'm spending my Friday the 13th at home relaxing. I'm sitting here at the computer, glad to at least have this work laptop, looking out my window at a very pretty day and hoping for some Wilco in the shuffle.

  1. Ain't That Good News: Sam Cooke from The Man and His Music
  2. Nettie Moore: Bob Dylan from Modern Times
  3. Caroline: Concrete Blonde from Bloodletting
  4. The First Cut is the Deepest: Cat Stevens from The Very Best of Cat Stevens
  5. (Lost His Love) On Our Last Date: Emmylou Harris from The Very Best of Emmylou Harris: Heartaches and Highways
  6. Magic Time: Van Morrison from Magic Time
  7. Still With You: Eric Benet from Hurricane
  8. Love Letter: Bonnie Raitt from Bonnie Raitt and Friends
  9. Joy Inside My Tears: Stevie Wonder from Songs in the Key of Life
  10. Intimate Secretary: The Raconteurs from Broken Boy Soldiers -- I heard Jack White's next side project is going to be classical -- that should be interesting.

Sniff, sniff. No Wilco.


BabelBabe said...

I do love me some Wilco. But i have been in a Radiohead sort of mood for the past week.

Robin said...

I had Uncle Tupelo in my shuffle. Does that count?

I haven't heard about Jack's new side project. Where did you see it? I want him to make a kid's album in the worst way.

Katya said...

I do like Radiohead too -- and that's thanks to you, bb -- my son had everything when I mentioned I hadn't heard them and it put it all on my iPod -- he had everything.

Robin: Uncle Tupelo counts. I can't remember where I read about Jack's new side project; I'll try and find out. A kid's album from him would be fun.