Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Car

I've always liked driving -- perhaps because it took me so long to get my driver's license. Unlike most people I know, I was 31, not 16, when I finally went through that rite of passage. We have been a one car family now for about a year, and since my husband is closest to my daughter's school and has the more flexible schedule, he has been the one who's had the car almost every single day of that year. Now, however, I have my own wheels and I'm enjoying it like crazy. Plus there's the added bonus of a cd player in the car -- it's an older car -- 1993 -- so I thought there might not be one. But my sister had had a six-disc changer installed when she first bought the car. I'm not musicless (or stuck with only the radio) after all! To celebrate, I bought the following:

Pretty Little Stranger: Joan Osborne: I've always loved Joan Osborne's voice (except for on One of Us and the radio wore me down on that one) with it's sultry, blues and r & b sound. Here though, Joan's gone a little bit country, with guest stars Rodney Crowell and Alison Krauss, and I like the results almost as much as I like Righteous Love, my favorite Osborne album so far.

If You Could Read My Mind: Gordon Lightfoot: Of my three guilty pleasures musical artists (no, I won't tell you who they are but none of them is Barry Manilow), Lightfoot, with his warm voice and his pleasant ballads, is my favorite. I heard the title song recently, realized I had no Lightfoot that wasn't on vinyl and bought this for the lovely title song.

And here is a picture of the car -- it's not my car but it's the same year, color, make and model:

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sari said...

Don't tell anyone, but I'm a huge Gordon fan as well!