Friday, May 04, 2007

Alone Time

I've always been the kind of person who needs to be alone. Even if it's just an hour a week where I'm doing nothing but wandering bookstores by myself or seeing a movie, I need that time. When I work on the weekends, I get a day off the following week, usually a Friday, giving me a three day weekend. I depend on this Friday to supply me with some of that coveted alone time. Today was one of those Fridays and I was looking forward to spending it all by myself -- I was thinking, "Yay! I get extended time by myself!" I should have known better. The girl child ended up staying home with me today and the boy called me and said, "I need to go here and after that I need to go there." So I was a chauffeur and an entertainer all day instead. Maybe I'll be able to sneak in some of that time tomorrow. I hope so.

Friday Shuffle
  1. Golden: Jill Scott from Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds, vol. 2
  2. Hex: Neko Case from Live From Austin, Texas
  3. Sparks: Coldplay from Parachutes
  4. A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall: Bob Dylan from Greatest Hits, vol. 2
  5. Way Out: Yeah Yeah Yeahs from Show Your Bones
  6. More and More: Van Morrison from Pay the Devil
  7. Just for Now: Imogen Heap from Speak for Yourself
  8. I Know: Eric Benet from Hurricane
  9. Respect: Otis Redding from The Very Best of Otis Redding
  10. Kamera: Wilco from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


BabelBabe said...

I got a camera...
in my mind...have i mentioned how very much i adore wilco? : )

i have?
I am getting boring, you say?

i really like them A LOT.
they make me happy.

BabelBabe said...

also, i see you're reading the new Eliz. George - will look forward to hearing what you think of it. i read it a few weeks ago...i can say no more. until you've finished.

Katya said...

Yes -- you have mentioned that you adore Wilco :). They make me happy too. They're going to be in Atlanta on a Tuesday in June. A Tuesday! I can't drive 6 hours to see them on a Tuesday!

I'm hoping the new Elizabeth George gets better eventually. I'm only on page 65 though. I loved the beginning with Joel's descent toward murder began with a bus ride -- that's a great sentence.

Dixie said...

Otis, Van and Bob. Perfecto.

Hope you get some extra alone time.

Katya said...

Me too. My husband never seems to need it but it's always been essential for me -- just to keep me from being a bitch.

Otis, Van and Bob -- that was perfect wasn't it. Plus the Wilco.

Iamthebookworm said...

I am the same way. Unfortunately when I get some much needed alone time at home, something seems to interrupt it. Hope you get yours!

Katya said...

iamthebookworm: That's what always happens to me. I think I need to just get away for a weekend all by myself.

BabelBabe said...

i must say i read the first maybe third, and skimmed the second two-thirds. for what it's worth.

Katya said...

It's taking me a long time to finish.