Friday, September 28, 2007

Emmylou Harris

Tonight I'm braving the horrible audiences of this city to see Emmylou Harris. I've loved her music for a long time but I've never seen her -- I can't wait. As soon as tickets went on sale, I snapped up two of them. In honor of the concert, an all Emmylou shuffle:
  1. Michelangelo: Red Dirt Girl
  2. Sorrow in the Wind: Blue Kentucky Girl
  3. So You Think You're a Cowboy: Honeysuckle Rose
  4. Love Hurts (with Gram Parsons): G.P/Grevious Angel
  5. Pancho and Lefty (with Rodney Crowell): Luxury Liner
  6. Satan's Jewel Crown: Elite Hotel
  7. Calling My Children Home: Spyboy
  8. Wayfaring Stranger: Roses in the Snow (yay! I love this song by almost everyone who sings it.
  9. Loving the Highwayman (with Linda Rondstadt): Western Wall
  10. If I Needed You (with Don Williams): Cimmaron


Kristina said...

I hope your audience is as awesome as our Columbia/Wilco audience was!

Marsha said...

Yeah, have fun!

Katya said...

I always complain about Mobile audiences because they are awful -- this one was half way decent. And Emmylou was great.

sari said...

I LOVE Emmylou's version of Love Hurts with Gram Parsons. It's just beautiful, through and through.