Monday, September 24, 2007

Where's the Music?

The last album I bought was the remastered version of John Lennon's Imagine -- an album that I find still holds up after all these years. But where's the new stuff? In May and June, there was a whole flurry of music I bought or wanted to buy -- the new Wilco, the new White Stripes, the new Angelique Kidjo. Now there's nothing. I haven't bought anything new since Icky Thump, which was released in June. I know that coming up on the horizon are the new Melissa Etheridge, the new Annie Lennox, the new Jill Scott and the new Meshell Ndegeocello, but this has been a long dry spell with no new music I've been interested in. That's all the whining for today.


sari said...

Go to - you can enter in bands you like and it will play music for you based on all of these scientific formulas of what you chose. You can say if you like the music or not and it will suggest new music.

I've found a lot of new bands I like lately because of it!

Lazy cow said...

I am finally getting an MP3 Player - when I get around to the shops to buy one - so I can finally start listening to some of the stuff you've been writing about. The kids' choices are the only music that gets played around here at the moment, and while I love the Dixie Chicks too, I'm awfully tired of hearing the same 3 CDs over and over again!

Katya said...

Thanks sari -- I'll try pandora.

I know what you mean, lc, only with me it's my husband. If I hear U2's Vertigo one more time I'm going to scream!

sari said...

Heck, U2 has been my favorite band for 20 years and I'm even sick to death of them! :-)

My husband told me the other day "You know, I like U2, I like their lyrics and their message and all, but I just can't stand the jangling any more."

And I knew what he meant.

Katya said...

I know what he means too, sari -- especially with Vertigo!