Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Text messaging and the Library

I will usually admit that I don't find much use for texting -- it always seems to be too much work. But on Halloween night, I just had the easiest reference question in the world. A guy came in looking for a book and didn't know much about it. While I was talking to him, he got a text message from a friend with all the information he needed, and we found the book right away.


Kristina said...


Yeah, I don't text either...too much work.

Marsha said...

I think texting is for the young. I discovered a way to send a text message to my daughter's phone via my email. Which I love. But, on my phone I don't even have the option.

Katya said...

It's way too much work! Plus it's usually more expensive.

Marsha: I think you're right -- it must be for the young. I'd rather just call.