Friday, November 02, 2007

Michael Chabon and the Friday Shuffle

I've decided to completely give up on The Yiddish Policemen's Union, especially since I've read several books since in an attempt to avoid it. I always thought I would go back to it, so I haven't returned it to the library. I think today I'll do that. I may pick it up again some day but today is not that day.

It's a beautiful day -- sun all shining and not too cold. We are going to the beach tonight and will be gone all weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. I don't sleep well and my sleep is never restful. We learned once, when we were at the beach, that I do sleep restfully there -- especially when we have an ocean view room.

Friday Shuffle

  1. Colorado Dustbowl Days: Cris Williamson from Prairie Fire
  2. Gentle on My Mind: Johnny Cash with Glen Campbell from Unearthed III
  3. Good Woman Down: Mary J. Blige from The Breakthrough
  4. Ain't That Good News: Sam Cooke from The Man and His Music
  5. Cigarettes: The Wreckers from Stand Still, Look Pretty
  6. Lost & Found: Adrienne Pierce from the Veronica Mars soundtrack
  7. Plain Ole Miner Boy: Rita McNeil and the Men of the Deeps from Mining the Soul
  8. The Dark of the Matinee: Franz Ferdinand from Franz Ferdinand
  9. He's Mine: The Platters from Enchanted: the Best of the Platters
  10. Why Don't You Come Over: Garbage from Bleed Like Me

1 comment:

Hilda said...

I love sleeping by the ocean, so relaxing. Have a wonderful weekend.

As for your Friday shuffle, Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell - that a cool pairing.