Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Shuffle

  1. Vow: Garbage from Garbage
  2. Slow Hands: Interpol from Antics
  3. American Idiot: Green Day from American Idiot
  4. Bathwater: No Doubt from No Doubt: the Singles 1992-2003
  5. Way Over Yonder: Carole King from Tapestry
  6. Chattanooga Sugar Babe: Johnny Cash from Unearthed
  7. Moonshadow: Cat Stevens from The Very Best of Cat Stevens
  8. Only a Fool Would Say That: Steely Dan from Can't Buy a Thrill
  9. Bottom of the Barrel: Amos Lee from Amos Lee
  10. Seven Nation Army: The White Stripes from Elephant

I kinda like Johnny Cash being mixed up in here especially since in that song, he's singing about how hard it is to find cocaine -- but then I always like seeing Johnny Cash in a mix.


BabelBabe said...

great list. i love love love Cat Stevens.

Katya - just finished a book by Helen Fremont called After Long Silence. You might like it. It's an intense read.

Katya said...

Our public library has it and it does look like something I'd be interested in so I'm going to check it out.

BabelBabe said...

Leeway Cottage is by Beth Gutcheon, and it's about how Denmark tried to save its Jews.
It's not Gutcheon's best novel, but it's interesting, esp. since I had read Elliott Arnold's A Night of Watching - also about Denmark and its Jews - in high school and found it fascinating.