Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Children of Men

I've never read P.D. James' Children of Men, being more fond of her mysteries, but I think I'm going to. This weekend, I saw the movie based on this book for two reasons -- Clive Owen and the intriguing premise. It's a dystopian future that's portrayed in this movie; there has not been a child born anywhere for 18 years, and the world has no hope of any kind of future. Great Britain has completely closed its borders and is rounding up any foreign born person (or "fugee") for interment and deportation. Clive Owen's character, Theo, a former activist who's become jaded, is asked by his ex-wife to escort a "fugee" woman to a ship that he isn't even sure exists. He eventually agrees only to find out the woman is the future of the human race --she's pregnant. Their race to reach the ship and the friends who help them and the enemies who try to kidnap Kee in order to use her child as a political pawn, all make for wonderful storytelling. When Children of Men comes out on dvd, I will be buying it.


sari said...

I thought this looked like a great movie! I'll definately see it now.

BabelBabe said...

i haven't seen the movie but I am about fifty pages into the book.

Katya said...

bb: are you liking the book? I heard there were a lot of changes from the book to the movie but I haven't read the book.

Sarah Louise said...

Good to know. I pretty much give anything Kate Winslet is in a try.

And I'm sure someone has been telling me I should read P.D. James. (or was that Wodehouse?)

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